Review on Autel PowerScan PS100 Electrical System Diagnostic Tool

Autel PowerScan PS100 Electrical System Diagnostic Tool is a great tool at a great price. Here collections of PowerScan PS100 test report and reviews. Hope it helps.

  • Figure out if your weird jury-rigged solution will work before you put everything back together.
  • Automotive tech bought Autel PowerScan PS100 to use in troubleshooting electrical shorts in automobiles.
  • Compare with the power probe, Autel PowerScan PS100 has one particular feature I was interested in, this has a kinda scope feature that can really be useful when troubleshooting sensors on the fly along with a very bright and easy to read screen as well as a ohm meter it had me curious as to how good it is. So far it has been very useful and works well , I don’t need a separate meter for certain testing and it has been accurate in testing. I did find a strange operation about it though. When probing a circuit that lets say has ground to it then when activated goes hot , the PS100 shows the circuit go to hot (12volt) but also shows ground as well. Pretty strange but idk if it made to do so. All in all I think it’s a great tool for the features and price point.
  • The point oscilloscope feature is useful
  • Unbelievably helpful for any sort of automotive electronic testing.Need to figure out why a light isn’t on? Put 12v to the bulb holder and check it. Need to see if a switch is working? Point this at the back of it, and flip the switch. Need to figure out why a trailer light isn’t working? This thing has a wicked long cable extension to reach way back to the trailer. Need to troubleshoot a wiring loom under the car? Not only will this do the job, but it has a decent LED light.

Where to buy Autel PowerScan PS100?

Autel PowerScan PS100 Electrical System Diagnostic Tool for sale: $70.15 not incl. shipping (on The customer service usually dispatch goods within 24hours, they reply my email or message ASAP and helpful.

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