(Solved) VCM2 clone IDS 101 blacklisted“PCM unrecognized”

It’s aimed to solve the Ford VCM2 clone IDS 101 blacklistedissue, with error message “The unique PCM identifier is unrecognized”

Laptop: i’m using Hanson2000’s vmware

Os: Windows 7 VMware

Vcm2 tool: VCM2 clone SP177C1

Software: IDS i believe 101.04 or 05.

Truck: Ford 6.7L super duty, a 2011 year model

Error message: The unique PCM identifier is unrecognized

Verify that the latest CD has been loaded onto the diagnostic tester

Where supported, update the diagnostic tester with the latest calibration files from:

Non-North American Ford and Mazda technicians should contact their hotline


Finally, it worked!!! Use v86 with calibration c81.

Here is something i wanna share with you all. Maybe it’s helpful.

Reasons of this error:

It’s a clone issue some are blacklisted especially on the never v. Of ids. (@ norman1967, Thanks thanks thanks!!)

What i did for the success:

86.01 in vmware with c81 calibration. That sees a 2011 vehicle no issues. It lets me connect to my 6.7 diesel 2011 super duty!!  I was able to turn on regen and reset my tire and axle ratio!!!

I;ts the only one that really works with vcm2 clone , l have spent days trying newer ones , waste of time.