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CG FC200

VVDI Multi Prog vs. CG FC200

Which is the best ECU& TCU programmer under 1,000euros, VVDI Multi Prog or CGDI FC200? In this article, we will show you the difference but only ECU and [...]

V1.1.9.0 CG FC200 Add BOSCH ST10 Denso R2 Series

V1.1.9.0 CG FC200 Software is released! It adds BOSCH ST10 Denso R2 Series ECUs. Free Download CG FC200 Software: V1.1.9.0 CG [...]

V1.1.7.0 CG FC200 Add Volvo EV ECU Audi Simos8.4x and Simos12.x

V1.1.7.0 CG FC200 Software is relesaed! It adds Volvo EV ECU and Audi Simos8.4x and Simos12.x. Free Download CG FC200 Software: V1.1.7.0 CG [...]

Clone Bosch Engine MD1CS089: Launch X431 or CG FC200?

One customer gave feedback that his only thing missing is to read and write md1cs089. When will md1cs089 be able to read is it urgently needed? Here we have [...]

Read BMW MSD85.1 DME ISN: Autel, FC200, Autohex, or FoxFlash?

Question: Trying to read ISN for this MSD85.1 DME however the only option Autel IM608 with GBOX has is the MSD85 that shares the same connection [...]

CG FC200 V1.1.6.0 Software Update Add GPEC Series

V1.1.6.0 CG FC200 Software is relesaed! Get free download link from Cardiagtool. Fre Download CG FC200 Software: V1.1.6.0 CG [...]

Free Download V1.1.5.0 CG FC200 Software More Bosch EDC16 Added

V1.1.5.0 CG FC200 Software is released! Get free download link from Cardiagtool. With more EDC16 added, this tool now supports most of Bosch EDC16 & [...]

Bosch EDC16CP35 Read, Write, Checksum: CG FC200 or Flex?

This article is going to compare two ECU programmers on EDC16CP35 – CG FC200 and Flex. We will see how they read, write, and checksum this [...]

How to Solve CG FC200 “Device Not Activated” Error?

One customer asked how to fix the error “Device not activated” or ”failed to connect to the server, check the net work or try again later” on CG FC200 [...]

How CG FC200 Read EDC16CP35 by MPC5XX Adapter?

CG FC200 Programmer supports multiple Bosch ECU, EDC16, EDC17... but not all EDC16 modules are supported like EDC16CP35. The new MPC5XX Adapter allows [...]

How CG FC200 Full Back Up Broken Tiguan 2018/ 2019 MED17.5.25?

CG FC200 is a professional tool for R/W/Clone ECU, especially for Bosch ECU. Today we are going to how you how to back up a broken and shorted MED17.5.25 from [...]

4 Ways to Read BMW ISN in 2023: CG FC200 the Best?

Xhorse releases new feature of reading BMW ISN via Key Tool Plus, which covers modules including MSV80, MSV90... So here we are going to you 3 ways to read BMW [...]

R/W Delphi CRD3XX: FC200 or FoxFlash?

Purpose: Read/ write Delphi CRD3XX, what tools you would recommend. 1.CG FC200 New V1.1.0.0 software adds Delphi platforms and BOOT engine: [...]

Best ECU Programmer: KT200 or CG FC200?

KT200 ECU Programmer is a master tool with Bench/ Boot/ BDM/ KTAG/ OBD mode. Here we will compare it with CG FC200 ECU Programmer, to see which is better for [...]
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