What Passthru J2534 Interface can Work with Renault CAN Clip?


What Passthru J2534 Interface can work with Renault CAN Clip? Don’t want to buy Renault CAN Clip V212, or need original clip interface source.


Generally, we need to trick Clip into believing your passthru (j2534) vci is an Alliance VI probe.

Try Can Clip V202, it is the best version so far


Possibly the simplest way:

Set “Vendor“=”79B” and “Name“=”1B” on your passthru registry settings in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PassThruSupport.04.04\<VCI>. I recommend creating a new vci entry by exporting from registry and editing the reg file.

I have used DrewTech Cardaq Plus, Ford VCM2, VAS5054 and Daf VCI. Communication with some ecus has glitches, but most work alright.

Renault has the multimedia CAN bus on OBD pins 12 and 13, so you most likely will not be able to access ecus on that bus, unless your vci is able to route a second CAN channel to those pins. If you really need access to that bus, you can make yourself an adapter cable and redirect the CAN pins by intercepting the passthru api calls.


OBD2 VCM2 – work fine but slow refreshing

Recommend can clip v202.

Checked on Renault Master 3 2017/2019 it works after OBD2 VCM2 but there is a slow refreshing .


It’s sorted. I’ve updated firmware in VCM and it’s working now.


This was working fine with my VCM2. worked well but, at times keeps disconnecting and hangs the clip application.



Mod registry as the method on the top.

I have try with VXDIAG interface on Megane 2015, it detects the interface and also detect the car very fast, but after enter the network test the software crash,, something about CAN1, CAN2 etc error.

The error comes from AcqBoardJ2534Adapter.dll and it was on Clip 198


VXDiag supports Can / Can PS but does not support Can CH1 / Can CH2, the firmware is too old for Clip and the new RSN interface


VCX Nano will not work interface is limited by licensed


I have installed on VMware can clip V202.

I have tested mine with Bosch M-VCI, same as yours, just crashes on network scan, Hangs.

after many attempts it gets thru network scan , then crashes immediately. cannot work….

on Renault 2014



Scanmatik 2 – work quickly

Scanmatik 2 saves entries in the registry so I think it should work, I tried on the original passthr and it worked very quickly.


Worked flawlessly on scanmatik2 pro. also tested ok with autel j2534 with can clip v203 and reprog v191.


I used scanmatic didnt now it worked on renault can clip but eccidentialy it was pluged in i thought canclip was connected but was scanmatic and worked perfect.

Didn’t do any thing but driver for scanmatic was already on that laptop for Renault online modules it works great


Cardaq – work

I exported my cardaq registry entry from list of pass thru adapters and edited reg file in notepad.

Changed registry key name to “Renault Cardaq”

Changed vendor to “79B”

Changed name to “1B”

Then imported the new entry into registry.

I tried my Cardaq-M with this mod, and it worked. Like you said, it didn’t pick up multimedia.


PCMtuner – goes good

Can Clip pass thru goes good. win10 work but on old xp can’t run for now


GM MDI2 – work but need to completely follow top instructions

GM MDI 2 Original does not work.


I have vcm2 clone, genuine vas5054, mini-vci j2534 (and can-clip clone probe that I have problem with). I try to make your solution working but no luck


Bosch MVCI – tested work

Should work, I have tested with Bosch MVCI.


Tactrix Open Port 2.0 – work

I managed to get it to work even without the car. It now works with my chinese Tactrix Open Port 2.0 J2534 cable.


Working fine with openport tactrix clone and v213 reprog v192 and working really good



VAS5054 – Work but need complete installation of VAS5054 Driver

VAS5054 is well detected with the tweak but I cannot dialog with my Megane 4. Checked voltages at Pin 6,14 and Pin 12, 13.


Cant get it to work with vas5054 with passthru rottary drivers


Try this Renault Clip VAS5054a PassThru Driver Windows 10 x64 (https://mhhauto.com/Thread-Please-Test-Renault-Clip-VAS5054a-PassThru-Driver-Windows-10-x64), for me working 100%.

What I did myself is:

1 35 gb new partition for windows

2 fresh windows 11 64 bit (can be windows 10/64 bit)

3 net framework 2.0(3.0,3.5 with)

4 winrar

5 driver for vas

6 clip install.


The clip does not see vas 5054a, try as above and it works.


Best and most economic interface for Can Clip?

Full Chip Renault Can Clip with Original chipset AN2135SC/AN2131QC,

Supports Diagnostics and Programming



Hope this could help.

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