DIY Diagnosis: Xtool vs X-Diag Pro vs Thinkdiag vs ProDiag vs Diagzone

In this article, we’ll compare 4 different diagnostic tools for DIYers. They all have different software and VCIs. We’ll cover


X-Diag Pro


Pro Diag




We’ll start the comparison by special functions.

Part 1. Xtool

21 special functions, but it doesn’t matter how many functions it has, and it’s very important also to work.

For example, the Cylinder, only one Chinese brand there; and the CrankShaft Resync, it only works for few Chinese cars not for Europeans.


When we speak about updates, this one is the winner. You don’t have limit time with the updates.


Part 2. Thinkdiag (with all car software)

This one is capable. At this moment it is the best one for price, quality and function under 200 Euros.


I don’t suggest you to change this one with software from Amazon, because you have the phone limit on functionality. For example, for the Mercedes E280 from 2008, you are not capable to connect with the car. Its own software works perfect.


Part 3. X-Diag and Pro Diag

Around 40 functions on X-Diag and 31 functions I counted on Launch Pro Diag.

diy-diagnosis-xtool-vs-xdiag-pro-vs-thinkdiag-vs-prodiag-vs-diagzone-4 diy-diagnosis-xtool-vs-xdiag-pro-vs-thinkdiag-vs-prodiag-vs-diagzone-5

It’s not question to speak about these two. Very expensive, you’ll move to these when you want coding and programming.


Part 4. Summary

I recommend Thinkdiag for DIY.

In case of speed, I think Xtool is the fastest but not the most efficient. It has many disadvantages. The only advantage over Thinkdiag is that it has unlimited updates. But not for long, I saw that the other diagnoses from Xtool were reduced to 3 years.

Although with Diagzone you don’t need update after two years and have 28 special functions, it costs far more than a well-functioned Thinkdiag.


Part 5. Other reviews

I own both the Thinkdiag and the Xtool. Even though Xtool has a lot more special functions, I prefer the Thinkdiag platform because of the specific car software, special functions and actuation test.


Credits to YOYO Diagnostic.

Different Thinkdiag versions if you are interested:

Thinkdiag with 3 Free Software License

Thinkdiag with all car software (one year update)

Thinkdiag 2 years Free Update Subscription (No Hardware)

Thinkdiag With all car software (2 years update)