BMW ICOM Diagnostic Tool

V2022.6 BMW ICOM Software ISTA-D 4.35.20 Switch Language Instruction

V2022.6 BMW ICOM Software is compatible with VXDIAG BMW, GODIAG V600, BMW ICOM NEXT etc. This article is an instruction on Language Switch of ISTA-D [...]

Fixed! V2022.6 BMW Software with Godiag V600 Firmware Update Issue

The latest V2022.6 BMW ICOM Software is compatible for VXDIAG BMW, GODIAG V600, BMW ICOM Next etc. Before we run V2022.6 BMW ISTA+ 4.35.20 with Godiag [...]

BMW ICOM NEXT Software Update to V2022.06 (WIN10 X64)

BMW ICOM NEXT Software is updated to V2022.06 (win10 x64) now!   Compatible Devices VXDIAG BMW, Godiag V600, BMW ICOM [...]
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