BMW ICOM Diagnostic Tool

BMW Battery Registration/Programming with ICOM cable

Programming and Registering are 2 different things. They use totally different equipment. So I needed a new battery because my old one was holding an 11.5v [...]

BMW E series Coding vs Programming

Here, we’ll talk about auto diagnostic, coding & programming issues on BMW E series. Do you have everything for your BMW E series? This is all you [...]

ICOM Next Esys fitted & coded new FRM3: Solved!

Solved! ICOM Next Esys fitted & coded new FRM3. Everything is working.   Issue: Fitted and coded a brand new FRM3 everything is working [...]

Which tool for BMW motorbike ECU & IMMO?

Which is the best tool to use for ecu and immo with key programming for bmw motorbike such as r1200gs 2013 upward models Reply: For ecu, try bmw icom [...]

BMW ICOM Next WiFi Setup

About: BMW ICOM Next WiFi (WLAN) Suggestions and reference... here you go I have ICOM Next and I'm using with LAN connection, fast and reliable. Next [...]

How to step by step install BMW ENET Esys

BMW E-sys installation tutorial: 01) Run "\\BMW E-Sys\E-Sys Program\E-Sys_Setup.exe" to install program to "C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys\E-Sys.exe" (Install [...]

How to DIY PSU for BMW Flashing with Esys

This build uses old HP server power supplies which can be obtained on ebay for dirt cheap. The PSU is called DPS600PB. 1 or 2 DPS600PB (ebay) jumper wires [...]

How to flash F11 ECU with BMW Enet E-sys

bmw-esys-flash-f11-ecu (24)
I've created a noobs guide on how to use BMW Enet E-sys to flash your ECU's in an F11. A warm thanks to everybody, especially shawnsheridan. Disclaimer: [...]

How to install BMW ISTA+ with all programming data

I have read that BMW will stop support F and G series from Ista P. Is there somewhere a good tutorial how to install the new ISTA+ with all programming data [...]

Advice: Buying A BMW ICOM Interface

Hello mates. I do not know what to choose between BMW ICOM A3 HW 1.38 and BMW ICOM NEXT A + B + C HW 1.40 please help me with some advice BMW ICOM [...]

BMW ENET Esys enable F30 Enhanced Bluetooth

Here, I would like to share how to enable the enhanced bluetooth on F30 13' 335i as well, using BMW ENET Esys. Step 1. Change FA from 6NH to 6NS: Start [...]

Is it possible to code BMW G series with with E-sys or ICOM?

Topic: How to do BMW G Series Coding with BMW ICOM cable I’ve collect all useful tips of BMW G series coding on the web and make a write-up here. Hope it [...]