BMW ICOM Diagnostic Tool

How to install BMW ISTA+ with all programming data

I have read that BMW will stop support F and G series from Ista P. Is there somewhere a good tutorial how to install the new ISTA+ with all programming data [...]

Advice: Buying A BMW ICOM Interface

Hello mates. I do not know what to choose between BMW ICOM A3 HW 1.38 and BMW ICOM NEXT A + B + C HW 1.40 please help me with some advice BMW ICOM [...]

BMW ENET Esys enable F30 Enhanced Bluetooth

Here, I would like to share how to enable the enhanced bluetooth on F30 13' 335i as well, using BMW ENET Esys. Step 1. Change FA from 6NH to 6NS: Start [...]

Is it possible to code BMW G series with with E-sys or ICOM?

Topic: How to do BMW G Series Coding with BMW ICOM cable I’ve collect all useful tips of BMW G series coding on the web and make a write-up here. Hope it [...]

(Solved) ISTA-P Expert Mode Error 94201 94203 63014

Here are BMW ISTA-P solutions of error 94201 94203 63014   Car: bmw F20 tested ISTA/P version: ISTA-P NEXT (expert [...]

BMW G31 import FSC codes with Ista-d or E-sys

ISTA-D and E-sys confirmed! Both can be used for FSC codes import.   It is possible to import fsc codes with Ista-d. After a message from "online [...]

ICOM Next is faster for G series coding/programming

Here, I'm perfectly aware what ICOM Next is and I have it. Icom next runs a gigabyte lan port. So if router and laptop also running gigabyte ports you [...]

Do I need ICOM Next to flash BMW G30?

Purpose: Need to flash a BWM G series G30 Puzzle: Is the ICOM Next mandatory or is the up to date ICOM 1st generation ICOM from 2012 ok? Can I flash NBT [...]

K+DCAN INPA cable do Emergency Flash when flashing interrupted

  I'm showing you how to do Emergency Flash when your flashing process was interrupted. i bricked my CD player, got an aftermarket sony and its made [...]

How to set up Router or DHCP server for BMW KOMBI and NBT programming

This is how to set up Router or DHCP server for BMW KOMBI and NBT programming with Enet e sys cable or ICOM A2 Ista-p. Why LAN cable connection better than [...]

ICOM &WinKFP program/code BMW CIC to Exx cars

It’s an excellent write-up: Flash e-series CIC to v41 software, BMW Apps without FSC This is for ECE/US CIC, not for Asian variants. How to flash [...]

(Solved) BMW ICOM Next Led flashing red  

  Have one BMW ICOM Next and when I pluged OBD to socket, SYSTEM led started flashing red. I tried reflashing Firmware and cofigure user. Settings [...]