OBDSTAR DC706 Read VW Jetta 2011 CS and Pin Code Review

Except for cloning ECU, OBDSTAR DC706 would pull out CS and PIN code for VW key programming via IMMO Data Decryption. Here comes a review of DC706 pulling [...]

OBDSTAR DC706 May Update Add DQ500 AQ250 Odometer Correction

OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool May 2024 Update is available! New version adds Odometer Correction for VW Continental DQ500(0BH) TC1766 and VW AISIN AQ250(09G) [...]

Must GM E39 with Different Service Numbers Match before Clone?

Purpose: Have some GM ECM to clone using OBDSTAR DC706. Do the Part number and Service Number need to match exactly? My 2 E39 have different service [...]

How to Check OBDSTAR DC706 Wiring Diagrams on PC?

One customer gave feedback that the biggest annoyance for him when it comes to using OBDSTAR DC706, no wiring diagrams on the PC. Here we will show you the [...]

OBDSTAR DC706 Update on DQ200 DQ250 VL381 ODO Recalibration

OBDSTAR DC706 January updates are available now! Check out the latest updates. DC706 Update Info: TCM V30.19 1.Highlights Added Add Recalibrate [...]

OBDSTAR DC706 Clone 2010 GMC Arcadia E69 with MP001

In this article, we are going to show you how OBDSTAR DC706 clones an E69 ECM from 2010 GMC Arcadia. Check out the process: Turn on DC706, Go [...]
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