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fetrotech for mg1 md1

Is Possible to Manually Correct TPORT PSA MD1CS003?

One customer give feedback that KT200 don't automatically correct TPROT after read / write PSA MD1CS003. So is possible to Manually Correct TPORT PSA [...]

PCMtuner, Fetrotech, dFlash, Which is Better?

Apart from PCMtuner, PCMtuner team has released more ECU programmers like Fetrotech for MG1 MD1 and dFlash for PCR2.1 Simos8.x. Here we will compare these 3 [...]

How Fetrotech Tool Read BMW MG1CS003 and Audi MED9.1 Flash?

Fetrotech Tool is designed for MG1, MD1, EDC16, MED9, MEDC17 ECUs. Here is our test of BMW MG1CS003 and Audi MED9.1.   Notes: Fetrotech Silver - [...]

Fetrotech Software Installation Problem & Fixes

Fetrotech Tool is designed for MG1/ MD1/ EDC16/ MED9/ MEDC17 ECUs. Last time we have posted the installation process, if you don't know how to install it, [...]

Free Download Fetrotech Tool Pinout

Fetrotech Tool is designed for Read/ Write MG1/ MD1/ MED9/ EDC16/ MED17 ECUs on Bench.   Silver Fetrotech must work with PCMtuner; Black [...]

Fetrotech Tool PCMtuner Plugin Software Installation and Activation Guide

This article is a guide on how to install Fetrotech Tool PCMtuner Plug-in software.   Note: Fetrotech Tool has two versions, Fetrotech Silver [...]

PCMtuner Plugin Fetrotech Tool for MG1 MD1 Support List

Fetrotech Tool, from PCMtuner team, is designed for Read / Write MG1 MD1 (also MED9, EDC16, MEDC17) series ECU.   There are 2 types of Fetrotech [...]
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