Foxwell NT510

Foxwell NT510 (NT520) works perfectly in Porsche 911 997 ABS pump cycling!

Scanner: Foxwell nt510 (the Porsche program is same as nt520) Car: Porsche 911 997 Purpose: ABS pump cycling   Procedure: Foxwell [...]

Foxwell NT510 (Schwaben) vs INPA vs Carly vs Launch M-Diag Lite

Looking for a BMW diagnostic tool (with coding/programming function), which tool better? Read hundreds of posts and found these, talked a lot when it comes to [...]

Jaguar Land Rover scanners: Foxwell NT510 Vs VXDIAG VCX Nano Vs JLR SDD

Jaguar Land Rover diagnostic scanners recommendations: Foxwell NT510 Jaguar Landrover,  VXDIAG VCX Nano Jaguar Land Rover and Mangoose JLR SDD V145. Refer [...]

Foxwell NT510 set injectors and program key for Land Rover Defender /Discovery

Foxwell NT510 is verified to be able to set the injectors and program key for Land Rover Defender and Discovery. Read details as follows. Car model and [...]
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