Galletto v54

Boot mode read EDC15: Galletto software vs. MPPS cable

This is: How to read ecu edc15 on the bench in boot mode? can be done with Galletto software or a MPPS cable? About Boot mode: Bootmode is a design [...]

FgTech Galletto V54 vs. Galletto V53

This is what you should know if you have a Fgtech Galletto already, or are looking for a new one: I have inspecting the Galletto V53 and the Galletto [...]

How to install FgTech 4 firmware 0475 Galletto V54 on Windows 7

Tutorial: FgTech 4 firmware 0475 Galletto V54 FREE download and Windows 7 install FgTech 4 firmware 0475 Galletto v54 download [...]

Galletto v54 DPF delete EDC17CP14 in BOOT mode

Purpose: I am trying to DPF delete an EDC17CP14 (USA model 2010 VW Jetta tdi dsg) Device:I am using clone Fgtech 4 Galletto v54 I have the Galletto v54 [...]
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