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KT200 Hardware

Read Renault/Nissan/Mercedes SID307, KT200 and PCMtuner Work?

Question: Possible to read SID307? I have KT200 and PCMtuner. Answer: Both work. KT200 support Dacia/Mercedes/Nissan/Renault SID307 by Boot [...]

Solved! KT200 Read PSA EDC16C3 Fail ERROR SET2

One customer wondered why his KT200 Full License could not read PSA EDC16C3. Here Cardiagtool tech Answer: Remove the resistor, which [...]

KT200 Possible to Read Valeo VD46 SH72546R on Bench?

Question: KT200 Tool can't read that ecu!!! Valeo VD46, possible to read it? Answer: VD46 is different from V46, the processor is SH725 and no [...]

KT200 Read Old EDC16C34 in BDM No Welding Success

This is a review of KT200 on old EDC16C34: Reading an old edc16c34 calculator in bdm with ktag bosch adapter to avoid welding. Eeprom/Flash reading [...]
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