KTAG master

Ktag Master V7.020 More cars works & 100+ ECU types (No tokens limit)

To all ECU tunners and Ktag Master users: You must read this post, do not miss it. :-D Newest Ktag Master V7.020 ECU programming tool is worked out with [...]

Ktag master: Immo off to me17.5.6 All ok

Ktag master Immo off to me17.5.6!!!! All ok!!! So here is the same with 2.0 [...]

KTAG master 14P600KT06 cable Pin Out, tested it works

Correct KTAG master 14P600KT06 cable pin out: Yellow pin3- yellow. orange pin 4-organge. yellow pin 13-green orange pin 14-white. Use the wires as [...]
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