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Launch X431 Key Programmer

X431 PAD VII vs. PAD V vs. PRO3 LINK vs. PRO3 SE

One customer wonders what is the difference between Launch X431 PAD VII and PRO3. So, here we are going to show you different Launch X431 Intelligent [...]

How Launch X431 Key Programmer Add Key for Cadillac SLS 2009?

Launch X431 Key Programmer allows users to generate Launch Universal Remotes, while X431 IMMO Plus enables us to program keys for multiple models. In this [...]

Solved! Can’t Update Launch X431 IMMO Plus Firmware

One customer gave feedback that he could not update firmware for his X431 IMMO Plus Tablet. It said "Device no response, please retry". Here [...]

How to Use Launch X431 Key Programmer and Universal Car Keys?

New Launch X431 Key Programmer, together with universal keys and super chips, is released! It offers features including Transponder and Smart Keys [...]
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