Lonsdor K518 update

Lonsdor K518 Ford Update

k518 5.23 update
Lonsdor K518 Latest Update on May. 23 ,2019, New update support a large number of ford vehicles to program smart key and [...]

Lonsdor K518 Latest Update Hyundai/VW

Lonsdor update
Lonsdor K518 Newest Update Lancia,Hyundai,VW on May.17,2019 Immobilization: Lancia/Delta/Read PIN code & Make dealer key Software [...]

Lonsdor K518 Update Renault and DACIA

Lonsdor K518 Update Renault and DACIA Vehicle Immobilization and Software Optimization in May, 2019. Lonsdor K518 Renault Update Details: Bypass PIN [...]

Lonsdor K518 Latest Update European Vehicles

Lonsdor k518 model 2
Lonsdor K518 Latest Update European Vehicles: April 10,2019  Identification function: add more identification types for VW,Skoda,Audi Software [...]

How to update Lonsdor K518ise for more cars & functions

There is a lot of new things in the latest Lonsdor K518ise key programming software, updated on 10.2018 MOST IMPORTAN in the update 10.2018: 1- Updates [...]

Lonsdor K518 Update Pontiac and Saturn

Lonsdor K518 key programmer is keeping update American vehicles recently, it has newly update Saturn and Pontiac. As the following is the detail update [...]

Lonsdor K518ISE key Programmer Update in December

Lonsdor K518ISE key Programmer has updated many car models and functions in December,As the following is the detail update information: Lonsdor K518ISE [...]

Lonsdor K518 Newly Update information

Lonsdor K518 key programmer Latest update [...]
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