OBDSTAR DC706 Update

OBDSTAR DC706 June Update Add D70F4019 Flash 25A128 EEPROM

OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool June 2024 Update is available! New version adds D70F4019 Flash and 25A128 EEPROM, SH7058S Flash and 95320 EEPROM... Update [...]

OBDSTAR DC706 May Update Add DQ500 AQ250 Odometer Correction

OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool May 2024 Update is available! New version adds Odometer Correction for VW Continental DQ500(0BH) TC1766 and VW AISIN AQ250(09G) [...]

OBDSTAR DC706 April 2024 Update Add MEG17.9.8 MEDG17.9.8

OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool April 2024 Update is available! New version adds Hyundai/ KIA KEFICO MEG17.9.8 TCM(R5F72549R), Hyundai/ KIA KEFICO MEDG17.9.8 [...]

OBDSTAR DC706 December Update Add TEMIC DQ250CXX TCM

Check out OBDSTAR DC706 new updates on December. 1.ECU Clone BODY V30.24 Optimized software.   TCM V30.18 Add Read/Write INT [...]

OBDSTAR DC706 November Update Add Bosch T93 GS14 ZF 9HP

OBDSTAR DC706 November updates are available, upgrade your DC706 software and try these new updates! OBDSTAR DC706 Update Info: TCM V30.16 [...]
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