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Fixed! PCMtuner Read 2012 Range Rover Denso ECU on Bench Identification Fail

Question: 2010 Range Rover DENSO ECU, trying to read and getting error at identification, it's on the PCMtuner [...]

VXDIAG VCX SE Test with PCMflash Read Mitsubishi Outlander Engine Okay

VXDIAG VCX SE is a strong Passthru compatible with multiple OEM software (Land Rover &Jaguar, VW, AUDI, GM, Ford, Volvo...). Through our test, it can [...]

Tactrix Openport 2.0 Test with PCMflash Read Honda City Engine Success

Tactrix Openport Tool is a strong chip-tuning tool compatible with Mercedes Xentry Passthru, VW Audi Skoda, Ford, Mazda software. Through our test, it can [...]

PCMtuner Promotion! Free Chip-tuning VZ-performance Token for Users

PCMtuner Promotion! Users who already have or now buy PCMtuner, will get Green Chip-tuning Tokens from "VZ-Performance Center". Details: [...]

PCMtuner Dongles Difference: Red in Whole Package vs Green in Dongle Package

PCMtuner ECU Programmer has two dongles: Red and Green. What is their difference? Red PCMtuner Dongle vs. Green PCMtuner Dongle: [...]

How to Solve V1.25 PCMtuner Dongle Heat Problem?

Question: Are dongles different on PCMtuner V1.25 package and Separate PCMtuner Dongle package? Small red dongle would not heat; bigger green dongle [...]

How to Solve PCMtuner ECU Programmer Dongle Boot Soldering Problem?

One customer gave feedback that parts of pins of a chip inside PCMtuner ECU Programmer Dongle are not soldered well, and he wondered if it is a quality [...]
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