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pcmtuner ecu programmer

PCMtuner Module 53 Clone Continental SIM2K-241 Pinouts and Steps

Purpose: Use PCMtuner V1.27 to Clone a Continental SIM2K-241   Module: Module 53 BSL (on Module 30 we can only get partial [...]

PCMtuner Module 42 Denso SH705X Bootloader Pinouts

PCMtuner Module 42 Denso Bootloader Pinouts.   DIESEL CARS: MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, SUBARU, SH705x   OPEL 1.7L CDTI SH7058/ [...]

Solved! V1.27 PCMtuner Read/ Write EDC17C57 Too Fast

One customer wonders if V1.27 PCMtuner could read/ wirte an edc17c57 that fast. (Reading takes only about 3 seconds)   Here [...]

PCMtuner Read/ Write 2008 Toyota Corolla Denso 89661-02G60 Pinout

This article shares pinouts/ wiring diagrams of 2008 Toyota Corolla Denso 89661-02G60, which could help you read/ write this ECU by your [...]

PCMtuner V1.26 Software Driver Patch Free Download and Using Tips

In this article, we are going to share with you all download links about PCMtuner V1.26, which includes software, driver, and patch. Users do not have to [...]

PCMtuner Mazda RF7N Bench Reading Tips (Pinout Attached)

This article is going to show you pinout and tips on Reading Mazda RF7N on bench by PCMtuner ECU Programmer.   Mazda RF7N [...]

How to Manually Turn Off PCMtuner PCMflash Update Notification?

For PCMtuner Tool update, PCMtuner program update is allowed; PCMflash program update is Not allowed.   Since it’s easy to click the PCMflash [...]

PSA EDC17C60 TPROT OFF Manual Edit for PCMtuner Read Write

Before, we’ve shown you a case about PCMtuner writing PSA EDC17C60 successfully. Today we will show you a quick manual Tprot off on PSA EDC17C60 [...]

How to Change TPROT Off Manually in EDC17C60 PSA?

One PCMtuner ECU Programmer customer wonders how to change the Tport off manually in edc17c60 PSA. Here Cardiagtool technician answers: Calc only [...]

PCMtuner ECU Programmer Ford SID208 SID209 BSL Guide

This article is a PCMtuner guide on Ford SID208. Same operation for Ford SID209, select the corresponding module during [...]

PCMtuner ECU Programmer Bench Mode Not Working Solution

One customer gave feedback that his PCMtuner ECU Programmer can’t read the bench mode.   Here Cardiagtool gave the Solution: Replace or [...]

How to Read Ford SID208 209 by PCMtuner?

Question: How can I read/write this ecu correctly by PCMtuner V1.25? At module 07 I only get BSL password. Ford transit coustom 2016 [...]

How to Solve PCMtuner ECU Programmer Dongle Boot Soldering Problem?

One customer gave feedback that parts of pins of a chip inside PCMtuner ECU Programmer Dongle are not soldered well, and he wondered if it is a quality [...]

How to Download VR Files and Damos from VZ-performance for PCMtuner?

In this article, we’ll show you how to get VR files and damos from VZ-performance for your PCMtuner ECU Programmer.   Step 1. [...]

PCMtuner Review: KIA Forte Koup 2012 O2 SENSOR Delete OK

PCMtuner review: Read & write in obd where smooth and fast honestly, didn't take 7min read, 5min write okay, delete O2 sensor [...]

PCMtuner Update Issue PCMflash V1.21 V1.25 Solution

As we know, PCMtuner ECU Programmer requires users to always update PCMtuner but PCMflash update is Not allowed. If we update PCMflash by accident, any ways [...]

PCMtuner Read EDC17CP04 on Bench Fail Solution

Question: PCMtuner ECU Programmer reads EDC17CP04 on bench mode not OK, its ok green (usb) led 50% dimming. Here Cardiagtool technician [...]

PCMtuner Read EDC17C49 Fiat Ducato 2014 Error Solution

One customer says that an error out when reading EDC17C49 Fiat Ducato 2014 with PCMtuner Programmer.   Here Cardiagtool gives [...]

PCMtuner Toyota Review: Used Module and Support ECU Model?

How is PCMtuner on Toyota? Which module to use, what models and ECUs it support?   Part 1. Toyota module There are 3 modules covering [...]

PCMtuner Read Simos pcr2.1 Passat b7 2010 by obd Review

PCMtuner Simos PCR2.1 Passat b7 2010 by OBD OK. Got another 1.6 tdi polo, pcr2.1, remember to unlock before write, open ecu and boot it to unlock [...]
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