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Fixed! PCMtuner Don’t Read Module 71 after Changing Transistors

Question: PCMtuner V1.27 still won't read module 71 in bench mode, even after changing the transistors.   Here is a Possible Solution: Go [...]

PCMtuner Read BMW 316D EDC17C06 Fail Solution

Question: PCMtuner failed to read BMW 316d Edc17c60.   PINOUT & Connection:   Here Cardiagtool tech shares the [...]

Tips on PCMtuner Read and Checksum Nissan Altima ECU via OBD

Question: Can PCMtuner read all these modules from Nissan Altima? Searched but not on the list. Tried and failed on a Nissan Rogue [...]

How to Manually Turn Off PCMtuner PCMflash Update Notification?

For PCMtuner Tool update, PCMtuner program update is allowed; PCMflash program update is Not allowed.   Since it’s easy to click the PCMflash [...]

PSA EDC17C60 TPROT OFF Manual Edit for PCMtuner Read Write

Before, we’ve shown you a case about PCMtuner writing PSA EDC17C60 successfully. Today we will show you a quick manual Tprot off on PSA EDC17C60 [...]

Geniune PCMflash Not Work/Problematic ECU List in Bench Mode

In this article, we’ll show you some Not Working/Problematic ECUs on Module 71 53 in bench mode on genuine PCMflash. Hope this could help users of both [...]

How to Change TPROT Off Manually in EDC17C60 PSA?

One PCMtuner ECU Programmer customer wonders how to change the Tport off manually in edc17c60 PSA. Here Cardiagtool technician answers: Calc only [...]

PCMtuner Module 53 Infineon Tricore BSL Instruction

This is a guide on PCMtuner Module 53 - Infineon Tricore BSL.   What is module 53 for? This module is for qualified users only and requires [...]

PCMtuner ECU Programmer Bench Mode Not Working Solution

One customer gave feedback that his PCMtuner ECU Programmer can’t read the bench mode.   Here Cardiagtool gave the Solution: Replace or [...]
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