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pcmtuner v1.27

How to Solve PCMtuner V1.27 Software “Object reference” Error?

Question: PCMtuner V1.27 software displays "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" Here is the Fix: Uninstall EdgeWebView2, install [...]

Fixed! PCMtuner Don’t Read Module 71 after Changing Transistors

Question: PCMtuner V1.27 still won't read module 71 in bench mode, even after changing the transistors.   Here is a Possible Solution: Go [...]

PCMtuner Read BMW 316D EDC17C06 Fail Solution

Question: PCMtuner failed to read BMW 316d Edc17c60.   PINOUT & Connection:   Here Cardiagtool tech shares the [...]

How to Know if PCMtuner or Fetrotech Support My Car?

Customers may wonder what ECU is in my car and whether PCMtuner Tool or Fetrotech Tool supports it or not. Here we share a method to make you find the ECU [...]

V1.2.7 PCMtuner Software Update FAQ

V1.2.7 PCMtuner Update is released. Here we have collected some questions about this update, and hope it could help.   If you don't know how to [...]

How to Update and Activate V1.27 PCMtuner?

PCMtuner V1.27 is released, this article is aimed to help you update and activate new V1.27 PCMTuner Flash software. Free Download V1.27 PCMtuner [...]

Tips on PCMtuner Read and Checksum Nissan Altima ECU via OBD

Question: Can PCMtuner read all these modules from Nissan Altima? Searched but not on the list. Tried and failed on a Nissan Rogue [...]

PCMtuner Module 53 Clone Continental SIM2K-241 Pinouts and Steps

Purpose: Use PCMtuner V1.27 to Clone a Continental SIM2K-241   Module: Module 53 BSL (on Module 30 we can only get partial [...]

PCMtuner Module 42 Denso SH705X Bootloader Pinouts

PCMtuner Module 42 Denso Bootloader Pinouts.   DIESEL CARS: MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, SUBARU, SH705x   OPEL 1.7L CDTI SH7058/ [...]

Solved! V1.27 PCMtuner Read/ Write EDC17C57 Too Fast

One customer wonders if V1.27 PCMtuner could read/ wirte an edc17c57 that fast. (Reading takes only about 3 seconds)   Here [...]

PCMtuner Read/ Write 2008 Toyota Corolla Denso 89661-02G60 Pinout

This article shares pinouts/ wiring diagrams of 2008 Toyota Corolla Denso 89661-02G60, which could help you read/ write this ECU by your [...]
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