R/W Delphi CRD3XX: FC200 or FoxFlash?

Purpose: Read/ write Delphi CRD3XX, what tools you would recommend. 1.CG FC200 New V1.1.0.0 software adds Delphi platforms and BOOT engine: [...]

Free Download V3.0.1 ECUhelp Software for ECU Tuning

Here we share the latest ECUhelp software for ECU tuning. This software could work with your ECU Programmers including PCMtuner, KT200, ECU Bench [...]

Free Download WinOLS V4.7 Tuning Software

WinOLS is a professional program designed to modify ECU data. Here we share with you V4.7 WinOLS software to assist you with PCMtuner or KT200 [...]

Godiag GT107 DSG Gearbox Adapter Support List, Connection and Pinouts

GT107 DSG Gearbox Adapter Kit is designed for Read/ Write GT107 DSG Gearbox (DQ250, DQ200, VL381, VL300, DQ500, DL501 etc.) with PCMtuner module 58/Kess V2/KTM [...]

Geniune PCMflash Not Work/Problematic ECU List in Bench Mode

In this article, we’ll show you some Not Working/Problematic ECUs on Module 71 53 in bench mode on genuine PCMflash. Hope this could help users of both [...]

How to Change TPROT Off Manually in EDC17C60 PSA?

One PCMtuner ECU Programmer customer wonders how to change the Tport off manually in edc17c60 PSA. Here Cardiagtool technician answers: Calc only [...]

What Passthru J2534 Interface can Work with Renault CAN Clip?

Question: What Passthru J2534 Interface can work with Renault CAN Clip? Don’t want to buy Renault CAN Clip V212, or need original clip interface [...]
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