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Real Read VW DCM6.2V: Scanmatik, FoxFlash, Flex, or Kess?

How to read DCM6.2V, not DCM6.2A/ AP/ C? Can PCMflash clone or original read it, or flex, FoxFlash?   PCMflash - Clone tool no way, only Original [...]

PCMtuner Read Write Mercedes CRD3Plus.A0 Tips

Question: Tried to do CRD3Plus.A0 from Mercedes W205 C220 170hp 2015 PCMtuner Module 53 Infineon TC1797 Mirco 4096KB Read / Write works fine Car [...]

R/W Delphi CRD3XX: PCMtuner, KT200, FC200, or FoxFlash?

Purpose: Can PCMtuner Tool read/ write Delphi CRD3XX, or other tools you would recommend. 1.PCMtuner CRD3 is not on the support list, but it can [...]

How to Solve PCMtuner V1.27 Software “Object reference” Error?

Question: PCMtuner V1.27 software displays "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" Here is the Fix: Uninstall EdgeWebView2, install [...]

Read FCA 2015+ GPEC2A: FoxFlash or PCMtuner?

Question: GPEC2 ecu in boot, double checked my pin out and the CNF1 with testing but can’t read. Using bench box then remove, in both ways same result. [...]

R/W PSA Mev17.4 TC1766/1796 on Bench, PCMtuner or FoxFlash?

One customer gave feedback: FoxFlash did not read PSA Mev17.4 on Bench, with 12v and 13.5v. If MEV17.4 TC1766 Peugeot could be read with [...]

Read Renault/Nissan/Mercedes SID307, KT200 and PCMtuner Work?

Question: Possible to read SID307? I have KT200 and PCMtuner. Answer: Both work. KT200 support Dacia/Mercedes/Nissan/Renault SID307 by Boot [...]

Free Download V3.0.1 ECUhelp Software for ECU Tuning

Here we share the latest ECUhelp software for ECU tuning. This software could work with your ECU Programmers including PCMtuner, KT200, ECU Bench [...]

Fixed! PCMtuner Don’t Read Module 71 after Changing Transistors

Question: PCMtuner V1.27 still won't read module 71 in bench mode, even after changing the transistors.   Here is a Possible Solution: Go [...]

PCMtuner Read BMW 316D EDC17C06 Fail Solution

Question: PCMtuner failed to read BMW 316d Edc17c60.   PINOUT & Connection:   Here Cardiagtool tech shares the [...]

Free Download WinOLS V4.7 Tuning Software

WinOLS is a professional program designed to modify ECU data. Here we share with you V4.7 WinOLS software to assist you with PCMtuner or KT200 [...]

Cardiagtool 11.11 Sale ! ECU & IMMO & DIAGNOSIS & MORE

Dear Auto Professionals: Cardiagtool.co.uk 11.11 sale is on! Numerous valued items of ECU, IMMO, Diagnosis, etc. at best prices. Valid from Nov [...]

Solved! Fetrotech Read Mercedes EDC16CP31 “S1 and S2 pinout error”

Question: EDC16CP31 doesn't work on Fetrotech Silver you have three tries with three different cars and all three don't work put X on MB 16cp31. 1-b [...]

Read Mercedes CRD2.X ECU: KT200, Kess/ Ktag, or PCMtuner?

How to read ECU Mercedes Delphi CRD2.x? Kess/ Ktag Clone no problem, don't see those ECU on the list of PCMtuner Programmer, and how about new KT200 [...]

How to Know if PCMtuner or Fetrotech Support My Car?

Customers may wonder what ECU is in my car and whether PCMtuner Tool or Fetrotech Tool supports it or not. Here we share a method to make you find the ECU [...]

Cardiagtool.co.uk 13th Anniversary Sale PCMtuner Autel IM508

Cardiagtool Customers: Today we will begin our 13th-anniversary sale! Hundreds of items are on hot sale, Join lucky draw with order over 100EUR. The sale [...]

Free Download DTC Remover V1.8.5.0 HardCut Limiter V2.1.0 ECUSAFE

Here Cardiagtool prepares a free ECU software package for our customers!   Contact us to Get Free Download Link: WhatsApp: +86 [...]

Customer Review: PCMtuner vs FC200, Which Is Better?

This article is a customer review of PCMtuner Programmer and CG FC200.   ECU: Audi A5 EDC16CP04   General [...]

PCMtuner, Fetrotech, dFlash, Which is Better?

Apart from PCMtuner, PCMtuner team has released more ECU programmers like Fetrotech for MG1 MD1 and dFlash for PCR2.1 Simos8.x. Here we will compare these 3 [...]

How Fetrotech Tool Read BMW MG1CS003 and Audi MED9.1 Flash?

Fetrotech Tool is designed for MG1, MD1, EDC16, MED9, MEDC17 ECUs. Here is our test of BMW MG1CS003 and Audi MED9.1.   Notes: Fetrotech Silver - [...]
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