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SVCI 2019

SVCI 2019/ 2020 Missing License for Special Function Solution

SVCI 2019
When use the SVCI 2019 or SVCI 2020 software to do special function, the error message pops up with “Missing license for this functionality!” or [...]

(Solved) SVCI 2020 SVCI 2019 Interface not calibrated Error etc

Original SVCI 2020 and SVCI 2019 have more software and fewer button batteries than SVCI 2018. No need to be activated, and does not lock the machine etc. So [...]

How to Solve SVCI 2020 “mfc110u.dll or other dll files missing” Problem

Customer problem: When I installed SVCI 2020 software and run it, a system error message appeared on the screen “The code execution cannot proceed [...]
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