Tech 2

Should I buy GM MDI instead of Tech 2 clone?

The Tech2 clone is definitely fine, but I think people looking for a good tool now should really look at an MDI clone instead. The Future of the Tech [...]

Want a good Tech 2 clone, where to?

Thread: Looking for a HQ Tech II programmer (clone), should I? and where to? Would it be worth buying a Tech II programmer for advanced diagnostic ability [...]

Tech 2 scan tool can reprogram PCM?

Discussion: Tech 2 scan tool can or cannot refalsh an ECM A: A TECH II cannot re flash an ECM. It is a diagnostic tool used to diagnose issues with all [...]

Saab 9-3SS Walkthrough using a Tech 2 scan tool

Here is a step-by-step instruction on using a clone Tech 2 scanner for Saab 9-3SS Walkthrough. You need: Buy a Tech2 scan tool( or the [...]
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