VIDENT iEasy300 OBDII Code Reader Review

Today i’d like to share my experience about Vident ieasy300 CAN OBDII code reader.

ieasy300 cost me  €31.00 free shipping at It’s very cheap and easy to use.


I felt the engine of my VW car was weak, so i used ieasy300 to diagnose. Because it can not only read and erase code, but also retrieve information from the engine control unit. This ieasy300 can code reader covered all the most popular protocol which means it works with a vehicle manufactured from 1996 until now.

Let’s see the menu firstly.


Just select “OBDII/EOBD” and press OK button

Here can see the protocol ieasy300 supported: SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW and KWP2000

vident-ieasy300-read-erase-codes-3 vident-ieasy300-read-erase-codes-4 vident-ieasy300-read-erase-codes-5

Now connect the ieasy300 code reader to the vehicle and turn on ignition


Enter main menu and check the system status


There are two options under “Control Module”: $7E9 and $7E8


Just choose the second option to enter diagnostic menu

We can see Read Codes, Erase Codes, Live Data, View Freeze Frame, I/M Readiness, Vehicle Information And Unit Of Measure


Enter “Read Codes” menu and select “pending codes”to read


Read out the code is P0100, it means mass or volume air flow A circuit or km jiggle


Then choose “Live data” to read PID, and view the complete data set

vident-ieasy300-read-erase-codes-12 vident-ieasy300-read-erase-codes-13 vident-ieasy300-read-erase-codes-14 vident-ieasy300-read-erase-codes-15

At this time need to erase the codes…

vident-ieasy300-read-erase-codes-16 vident-ieasy300-read-erase-codes-17

Great! I check the stored codes and pending codes, all the codes are erased successfully!

vident-ieasy300-read-erase-codes-18 vident-ieasy300-read-erase-codes-19

Look a the DTC in the I/M Readiness menu, there is no DTC.


So satisfied! Vident ieasy300 solved my problem.

Hope it can help you!