Crack Can Clip V191 Installation on Win7

Confirmed! Can Clip V191 for Renault can be installed on Win7 without any issue! It’s compatible with CAN Clip V183, V175 Renault Can Clip  and Can Clip for Renault V188.

How to install Renault Can Clip V191 on Win7



Copy the Clip_V191 file from E drive to new folder added on the desktop


Open “Readme” file to learn the mainly installation steps


Note: Old RLT2002 can work only on Win X86 (32 bit)

1.Run “Crack Renault Clip.reg” from “O2. Patch”



2.Mount iSO file from “191_0_9_0” and install Can Clip

renault-can-clip-v191-installation-win7-4 renault-can-clip-v191-installation-win7-5 renault-can-clip-v191-installation-win7-6

Select country, car make and language and confirm

renault-can-clip-v191-installation-win7-7 renault-can-clip-v191-installation-win7-8 renault-can-clip-v191-installation-win7-9

Click “Install” to enter installation process

The platform will restart automatically

Click “Schiessen”


3.Patch Can Clip as always with RSRWin.exe, all info about patch is in readme file in “02. Patch”

Copy “RSRWin.exe” from application and paste to desktop


Then delete the original file

Copy the “RSRWin.exe” from “02. Patch” and paste to application


Run “RSRWin.exe”


Register Can Clip with the key number in the “Readme-notepad”

renault-can-clip-v191-installation-win7-14 renault-can-clip-v191-installation-win7-15

Move the “RSRWin.exe” on the desktop to replace the one in the application


4.For working with RLT2002 copy files from”03.RLT2002 patch files” to folder C:\Clip\config\.

renault-can-clip-v191-installation-win7-17 renault-can-clip-v191-installation-win7-18

5.Enter Clip home page and fill in the all the info need to test

renault-can-clip-v191-installation-win7-19 renault-can-clip-v191-installation-win7-20 renault-can-clip-v191-installation-win7-21

Please kindly notice:

If you missed drivers for RLT2002, they are in “04.RLT2002 drivers”

Renault Can Clip V191 install success!