VVDI Key Tool Max Activate Free 96 bit 48 Cloning License User Manual

Good news!!! Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max can send free ID48 96 bit license, but there are some requirements for it. Check the details below to learn the requirements and the method to get.

Part1: Get Key Tool Max 96 bit 48 cloning license notice:

1.ID48 96 bit cloning license cannot be purchased for key tool max

2.You should register XhorseApp, choose version and combine key tool max with other VVDI tools.

Here is the quick guide to combine key tool max:

1).Turn on the device-> Click “Start to Set”-> Select an available WLAN connection to connect

key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-1 key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-2

2).Enter mobile phone number -> Input the security code by receiving SMS notification-> Login


3).Go to “Combine device” interface automatically-> Enter new security code again-> Click “Combine device”

key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-4 key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-5

4).Combined and activate key tool max success

key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-6 key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-7

3.Only after you consumed any 10 xhorse remote keys and get bonus points from Xhorse app, the license will be free activated.

To enable COPY 48 activation, 10 new remotest must be generated
No matter if they are Wire remote, Wireless remote, Smart key, or Super remote.

key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-8 key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-9 key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-10

Part 2: How to activate free 96 bit 48 cloning for Key Tool Max

Step 1: Turn on VVDI key tool max and login with available account

key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-11 key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-12

Step 2: Turn to KEYTOOL MAX interface

Generate 10 pcs xhorse remotes firstly and collect the points

Note: you can touch the area of ‘Bnous Points’ to collect points, you can earn the points for first time to use the remote from Xhorse.


Step 3: An hour later after collect points, the 96 bit 48 cloning function will be activated, you can check it in your key tool max.

key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-14 key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-15


VVDI Remote includes four kinds of keys: wired remote, wireless remote, super remote and smart remote.

Item Wired Remote Wireless Remote Super Remote Smart Remote
PCB key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-11 key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-12 key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-13 key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-14
Series XK series XN series XE series XS series
Package Packed in Red Packed in Blue Packed in Purple Packed in Orange
Package IMG key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-15 key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-16 key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-17 key-tool-max-get-free-96-bit-48-clone-18
Bonus Points 25 40 40 60
Remote Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Way to generate remote Socket connection Wireless generation Wireless generation Wireless generation
Chip No Yes(depends on NXP chip) Yes (depends on super chip) Yes (smart)
transponder No NXP chip copy 46 47 + Generate Copy + Generate chip that VVDI super chip XT27 supported keyless go
Device to Generate VVDI tools VVDI tools VVDI tools VVDI tools
Program remote Manual/OBD Programmer Manual/OBD Programmer Manual/OBD Programmer OBD Programmer
(MQB key can only programmed by VVDI2)

Note: OBD Programmer can be Key Tool Max & Mini OBD Tool, ikey820 and Lonsdor etc OBD key programming devices.


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