VVDI mini key tool clone chip with Xhorse super chip XT27A66


Xhorse super chip can work with VVDI key tool and VVDI mini key tool. Here share how to clone and generate chip using Xhorse super chip XT27A66 and VVDI mini key tool.



Update VVDI mini key tool to version 1.1.2

Connect mini key tool with Xhorse App

Put XT27A66 chip into VVDI mini key tool coil

Click “Transponder Clone” -> “Read transponder”

Read out the transponder type is 46


Return to main menu

Select “Generate Transponder”-> “ID 60~ID70 (40 bits)”-> “65-Suzuki /Subaru”-> “Transponder: VVDI XT27 Texas Crypto T…”

Click “Generate” to generate transponder

vvdi-mini-key-tool-clone-generate-chip-with-xhorse-super-chip-3 vvdi-mini-key-tool-clone-generate-chip-with-xhorse-super-chip-4

Generate success!


Go back to Xhorse main menu

Click “Transponder Clone” -> “Read transponder” to read chip

Read out the transponder type is 4D (65)


Select “Generate Transponder”-> “ID46 (PCF 7936) -> “ID46- Indian cars” -> “Indian Suzuki” -> “Transponder: VVDI XT27 PCF7936”

Click “Generate” to generate transponder

vvdi-mini-key-tool-clone-generate-chip-with-xhorse-super-chip-7 vvdi-mini-key-tool-clone-generate-chip-with-xhorse-super-chip-8

Generate successfully!


Xhorse VVDI mini key tool: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/vvdi-mini-key-tool.html

Xhorse super chip: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/xhorse-vvdi-super-chip.html