2M2 Magic Tank Cut KIA TOY40 All Keys Lost

2M2 Magic Tank automatic key cutting machine can work for KIA plain milling and end mill internal tooth keys. This article mainly shares the guide to cut KIA TOY40.L88 key when all keys lost by this auto locksmith tool.

2M2 Magic Tank KIA key models covered:

Plain milling:

FO32.D00, FO34.D00, HYN14.D88, HYN7.D88, KIA1.D77, KIA2.D77, KIA3.D88, KIA4.D77, MAZ20.D00

End mill internal tooth:

TOY40.L88, KIA7.L66

Tips& guide to cut KIA TOY40 AKL:

Prepare all the tools


Power on 2M2 Magic Tank cutter

Enter Tank APP on Android phone and turn on Bluetooth

Click the setting icon at the left bottom


Input code and select vehicle brand, then click OK


Click TOY40 to get the key info

2m2-magic-tank-cut-kia-toy40-akl-4 2m2-magic-tank-cut-kia-toy40-akl-5

Back to main menu and click to edit a key


Select the first position to select key type

2m2-magic-tank-cut-kia-toy40-akl-7 2m2-magic-tank-cut-kia-toy40-akl-8

Just click OK to continue


Follow the prompt to fix the key embryo on the 2m2 magic tank cutter


Then start to cut the whole sides of the key

2m2-magic-tank-cut-kia-toy40-akl-11 2m2-magic-tank-cut-kia-toy40-akl-12

When cutting completed, clean the new key and insert into the cylinder to learn


That’s all! Hope it helps you!