NSN14 Key Cut by 2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Key Cutting Machine

2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine supports a larger number of European, American, Japanese and Korean cars. Nissan is one of them. Here share how to use 2M2 Magic Tank cutter to cut NSN14 key.

All need:

Original Nissan NSN14 key+ new key embryo


2M2 Magic Tank automatic key cutting machine


Before cutting key, insert the original key into cylinder to test can use or not

If it works normally, then continue to operate


Step-by-step guide:

1.Connect the adapter to 2M2 Magic Tank and power on

2.Open Tank APP on Android phone and turn on Bluetooth

3.Press the edit key icon at the left bottom


4.Select “Japan Korea> “NISSAN> “NSN14.D00

2m2-magic-tank-cut-nsn14-4 2m2-magic-tank-cut-nsn14-5 2m2-magic-tank-cut-nsn14-6

5.Follow the prompt to operate:

Step 1: Set the original key in the right side

Step 2: Let the front end of the key close to the first slot and does not exceed it

Step 3: The key remains level on the bottom and clamp it

6.Then click “DECODE

2m2-magic-tank-cut-nsn14-7 2m2-magic-tank-cut-nsn14-8

7.Decode the original NSN14 key

2m2-magic-tank-cut-nsn14-9 2m2-magic-tank-cut-nsn14-10

8.Put the key embryo on 2M2 Magic Tank instead of the original one


9.Then start to cut the key

It takes approximately 2 minutes in the whole cutting process

2m2-magic-tank-cut-nsn14-12 2m2-magic-tank-cut-nsn14-13

10.When finish cutting, take out the new key and insert into cylinder to learn