2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine Review

Today I’d like to share the automatic car key cutting machine-2M2 Magic Tank i bought at cardaigtool.co.uk.

Cost & package:

2m2 magic tank cost me €1,180.00 with free shipping. I received it after 5 days via DHL when I ordered. The package incl. 2m2 magic tank key cutting machine, adapter, cutter, probe and some tools. All the goods kept well without damage (so satisfied!!!).

The test:

I know 2m2 magic tank can support the following Opel car keys from distributor: gm15.d88, hu46.d00, hu87.d00, ne73.d66, ym28.d00) and hu100.h8, hu43.m10 and ym27.m10

I tried to cut a new key for my Opel HU100.H8.

Let’s go!

This is my original Opel HU100 laser key


Firstly, I insert the original key into cylinder, it works normally.


Then I connect adapter to 2m2 magic tank and power on

Go to open Tank APP on my Android phone and turn on Bluetooth


Click the icon to edit a key


It will show a quick search bar

I input “HU100” and click the search button


Then a HU100 list appears on the page

According to my need, i select “HU100.H8” laser key inner option


Click “Decode” and follow the prompt to set the original key

Step 1: Set the key embryo in the left side

Step 2: Let the front end of the key close to the first slot and does not exceed

Step 3: Keep the key at level on the bottom and clamp

2m2-magic-tank-cut-opel-hu100-7 2m2-magic-tank-cut-opel-hu100-8 2m2-magic-tank-cut-opel-hu100-9

Then click “CONFIRM” to decode


Finish decoding, it will prompt you to remove the original key

Then click “Confirm” to cut

2m2-magic-tank-cut-opel-hu100-11 2m2-magic-tank-cut-opel-hu100-12

Set the blank key on 2m2 magic tank well same as the decode step


Click “Confirm” in the prompt page to cut the key

Cut all the sides of the blank key

2m2-magic-tank-cut-opel-hu100-14 2m2-magic-tank-cut-opel-hu100-15

Finally, clean up the key and take out, then insert into cylinder to check

So lucky, it works successfully!


I will use this 2m2 magic tank key cutting machine to do more tests for other car keys, looking forward to more surprises from it!