Autel Diagnostic System Print via Wi-Fi Function Guide

Part 1. Product introduction

1. Before,”print via PC-Link” requires a computer and too many operation steps.
2. With “print via Wi-Fi”, users can print directly on the tablet. “print via PC-Link” is retained, and the user can choose freely.
3. “Print via Wi-Fi” supports the vast majority of Wi-Fi printers in the market.
4. Support Ultra management program pictures & PDF file printing.
5. “Mopria Print Service app” the print plug-in is installed automatically via the system. Users can use it after accepting the agreement.
6. Support the printer’s Wi-Fi direct function, which requires a printer with the “Wi-Fi Direct” function (The printer supplies a Wi-Fi connection to the device).

Part 2. Print via Wi-Fi Support List 

System Version: V2.09 and above
Support Products Platforms: Ultra, 909CV, Elite II, 906Pro
Support Products List: Ultra, 909, 919, 909CV, Elite II, 906pro

Part 3. Operation Guidance

Option 1: The printer and the tablet are connected to the same network
1)Make sure the same Wi-Fi connection.
2)Enter the print page.
3)Click “print this page”, select “Print via Wi-Fi” when it’s the first time to use it.
4)Click “Print via Wi-Fi”, and check and accept the required items. (The printing plug-in will be installed here)
5)On the screen, you can switch the printer.
If the printer icon appears, the connection is successful.
6)You can also set “Print via Wi-Fi” as the default printing method in step 3), or on the setting page, so that you can use this function later.

Option 2: Wi-Fi Direct (The printer supplies Wi-Fi connection to the device)
1)Confirm that the printer has this function. After the connection, the operation process is the same as option 1.
2)Make sure the Wi-Fi connection of the printer is turned on.
3)Find Wi-Fi Direct in the printer network settings.
4)Turn on “Wi-Fi Direct”.
5)Check the device name.
6)Check the Wi-Fi Direct password. After the tablet is connected, the rest process is the same as Option 1.

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