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Solved! Autel IM608 II Set Password Network Error

Quick Question: Autel IM608 II Tablet, when setting a password for a device, it always prompts a network error, but other devices would be connected to [...]

How to Activate Autel IM608 II Nissan Security Gateway Function?

One customer asked how to activate Nissan ECU gateway on its Autel IM608 II. Not shows authorization icon after unlock. Users need to pay to [...]

How to Change Autel Logo Back to Factory Logo?

Question: I have an Autel Mk808S. On the make selection pages, they are all in plain black and white. How do I get them showing in their colors? e.g. a Ford [...]

How to Connect Autel Diagnostic Tablet to BMW Ethernet Network?

One customer gave feedback that his Autel Diagnostic Tablet failed to initialize Ethernet for F30 CIC programming and coding. Also, he attached how it [...]

How to Connect Autel Diagnostic System Tablet Ethernet Cables?

Ethernet cables are designed for BMW F-series programming/ coding, but how to connect all these cables and are them all supplied in Autel Tablet package? Here [...]

How to Authorize Autel Diagnostic System FCA SGW Access AutoAuth?

Autel AutoAuth is designed for bypassing SGW blocks on FCA vehicles from the year 2018. Here we will show how to authorize AutoAuth access. Vehicle [...]

Autel Tablet Update: Auto Auth Function for NA FCA SGW Vehicles

Autel Diagnostic Systems are added “Auto Auth” function now! This function allows us to have access to security gateway module on 2018 and newer FCA [...]

Autel Diagnostic System Renault Security Gateway Function FAQ

Here we have collected the most frequently asked question about Renault security gateway of Autel Diagnostic System.   Renault Topology: 1. [...]

Autel Ultra Lite vs Ultra vs MS909

In this article, we'll show you the difference among Autel high-end Diagnostic Tools. Autel Ultra Lite vs Autel Ultra vs Autel MS909: Item Ultra [...]

Autel Diagnostic System Print via Wi-Fi Function Guide

Part 1. Product introduction 1. Before,"print via PC-Link" requires a computer and too many operation steps. 2. With "print via Wi-Fi", users can print [...]
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