Autel MaxiSys Elite vs. Pro

Now i will be posting photos of the differences between the new Autel Maxisys Elite and the Autel Maxisys Pro (wich i use everyday on my shop)

  1. The screen is brighter because is retina display (much like an ipad).
    2. The bootup process is very very faster than the pro. The pro aprox 30 secs of boot up and 5-8 secs on the elite.
    3. It has one more usb that is very useful for connecting a mouse or a keyboard.
    4. On the outside you will see is much thinner, lighter and rubber protection (feels more like hard plastic but its rubber) on the sides not on the corners like the pro (which are real rubber).
    5. On the top right corner there is a led light that indicates the battery life which is great when you have the screen off. 6. On the pro you have to turn the screen on to see battery life.
    7. The elite come with a docking station where you can charge it of leave it out of harms way.

Autel-Maxisys-elite-review-2 Autel-Maxisys-elite-review-1 Autel-Maxisys-elite-review-7 Autel-Maxisys-elite-review-6 Autel-Maxisys-elite-review-5 Autel-Maxisys-elite-review-3

Im very impressed with my purchase. I hope this helps because when i purchased my pro the lack of information made me hold of a little bit but tool a leap of faith.

My advice: If you want the most advanced diagnostic Autel scan tool on the market, then I would suggest that you go for the Elite. But if you want a high-quality, portable, and affordable diagnostic scanner between the two, then I will suggest that you pick the Pro.