Best U.K. 2014 Nissan qashqai proxy key programming tool – Obdstar F102

Obdstar F102 key programming is the best for U.K. 2014 Nissan qashqai proxy. Believe or not, go on reading this case as below.


Tried to program key proxy key on one of these today. I have superobd SKP900 with NSPC001 pin code reader in the lead. Failed to get comes with bsi when attempting to read bsi. My skp900 has 2013- keyless listed and I think it’s type2. But I failed to get any where with it. Am I flogging a dead horse or doing something wrong.


Obdstar F102 could be the tool you need for these qashqais.

Skp900 works on xtrail and teana, but the new Qashqai is not the same.

Obdstar x-100 supports juke and leaf, but not the qashqai.

Finally solved!!!


Bought myself a Obdstar F102 and done the j