CG-100 Update to V5.1.1.0

CG-100 Latest Update to V5.1.1.0, The details:

1. Universal programmer increases chip models

Serial Flash RH56

Serial Flash RH66

Serial Flash RH76

Serial Flash RH86

Serial Flash 24LC08

ST SPC560B54L3

ST SPC560B54L5

ST SPC560B60L3

ST SPC560B60L5

ST SPC560B60L7

ST SPC560B64L3

ST SPC560B64L5

ST SPC560B64L7

Motorala MPC560B

Infineon XC2361E-72F

Infineon XC2361E-104F

Infineon XC2361E-136F

2. Improvements and fixes

Optimize the 24 series timing of the 8-pin chip and improve read and write stability.

Fix known bugs in 93C57.

Optimize the the Chinese version chip operation Prompt information.

Optimize the the English version chip operation Prompt information.

Completion wiring diagram English label information.

3. Repair process of the breakdown Nissan X-Trail

3.1 Go to the following interface: CG100->Universal Programmer->Motorola->MPC560BK.

3.2 Read data, if it can read normally, write the modified data  for repair. If the prompt is encrypted, please replace the chip to write data for repair. (The customer should prepare the data)

4. The ‘Use the old version’ feature will no longer be supported in the next version.

The Update history:

CG PRO 9S12 V2.1.2.0 + CG-100 V5.1.0.1 NEWEST UPDATE