CGDI MB update to V2.8.5.0: Add W215/ W220EIS all keys lost

This article is to share the latest CGDI MB Benz V2.8.5.0 update info and download link.

CGDI MB V2.8.5.0 (Updated on 6th July, 2019)

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Latest CGDI prog MB Benz V2.8.5.0 Update info:

1.Add W215/W220 EIS all key lost acquisition function (solve the problem of all key lost of Mercedes-Benz S series keys before 2006)

2.Modify the way of cleaning of the car computer;(solve the problem of not clear for individual ECU)

3.Replace part of wiring diagram

4.Software interface layout adjustment

5.Fix the error that the calculation password may be happen wrong;

6.Add Paypal payment function

7.Modify the collection process of the old 164EIS and 221EIS (can be used for data collection without gateway)

8.Add erase function of k-line EIS

9.Add k-line EIS write function

10.Add 220EIS/215EIS/210EIS/208EIS/203EIS/639EIS/906EIS. Directly Change EIS through IR infrared, global first

11.Add 220EIS/215EIS/210EIS/208EIS/203EIS/639EIS/906EIS,Directly Clean KM number through IR infrared, global first

12.Add Spanish language display

13.Add key disable function of Benz FBS4 . Support models: 205, 222, 166, 447, 246, 218, etc