CGDI MB CG Key for All Benz FBS3 IMMO: Only 14.99 Euro!

Recently, Cardiagtool has released a new product-CGDI MB CG key, which is designed for all the Mercedes-Benz FBS3 IMMO. What about this new CG key? How to buy it?



What’s the feature of CGDI MB CG Key?

1.Support Mercedes-Benz van power slide door
2.Solved car start failure with 4 times continuous insertion and extraction
3.Solved VIN code problems for post-2009 ML series keys after use for a long/short time
4.Solved Automatic activation failure from old Benz w210 w220 keys, if without a device for help.
5.Automatic exchange frequency between 315mhz-433mhz
6.The CG Key is reusable
7.The key with 200 bonus points
8.200 bonus points as exchange for tokens to calculate password or any CG products
9.One year warranty



How to buy CGDI MB CG Key?

CG key is pre-sale at You only need to pay 14.99 euro for this key with free shipping. Click here to get more info: