Cheap $20 BMW B800 Airbag Reset Tool Reviews for DIY

BMW B800 Airbag Reset Tool is made for BMW cars 1994 to 2004. It’s really cheap but useful meanwhile. This blog will let you know which cars SRS light reset people tested OK with BMW B800.


This BMW B800 is incredible! It worked like a charm for my 2000 BMW E39 523I and my wife’s 1998 328I during the past half year. For a $20 tool I am satisfied with it.

My car a 2001 BMW E39 recently got an airbag problem with the SRS light kept on. I searched online to find a reset tool within my budget and I came across this thing: BMW B800. It was quite cheap but it worked for me!

Bought a little airbag scanner as a toy last week, but it seems not bad. I have diagnosed and cleared air bag lights for 3 bimmers, 2 e39’s and 1 e46. It called B800.

Received B800 and tested BMW 540I 2002 airbag reset OK! Scan the code, comes back 06 60 05, clean the code in 2 seconds, it works wonderfully.

I bought a Chinese b800 airbag tool for my e39 528i, worked great pin pointed the problem and clearing it fast.

BMW B800 showed codes were: FA, 03, 50, 03, 61, 70, –. I cannot diagnose since there is no 03 chart supplied. Cleared codes and SRS light went out. Went for my 2002 E39 530i and light stayed out so I am mostly happy anyway.

The SRS “Airbag” light was on in my 1999 M Coupe. Found this B800 online and it claims to read and reset the SRS light and sure enough… it worked. No more light!

I recently tested this BMW B800 on a BMW X5 2003. Thing works though and SRS light hasn’t come back on.

I had one B800 yellow unit it works great for Z3 96 and E46 as well.