DIY Scanner: BlueDriver vs. TOPDON vs. ThinkDiag

In this article, we will compare three DIY scanners such as TOPDON TopScan, BlueDriver, and ThinkDiag.


Vehicle Coverage

All could work on vehicles in 1996 or newer but BlueDriver is limited, because their tech support will only help you connect to your vehicle.


Permanent Code

Only BlueDriver could pull up permanent code because if you live in a place like California you are not able to get your registration.


BlueDriver Pluses

Great inspection monitor data

One-time purchase (no annual fee, other two with one-year service included and you need to pay the following year)


Enhanced Functions of TOPDON and ThinkDiag

TOPDON and ThinkDiag allow you to do active test, more than reading and clearing code like BlueDriver.


Hot Functions of TOPDON and ThinkDiag

Hot functions include programming steering wheel angle sensor, erasing code from the TPMS, relearning throttle bodies, registering batteries.

TOPDON has 10 special functions while ThinkDiag has 15.




ThinkDiag: 8

BlueDriver: 6



Wish that some of these units could be combined.

ThinkDiag allows you to graph and the most amount of special functions.

TOPDON has a cool design.

The BlueDriver is the slowest while the ThinkDiag is the fastest.



If you have a new car, these two are more appropriate, especially the ThinkDiag.

I’m definitely going to recommend ThinkDiag Tool.


Done! Hope this could help!

Credit to RANDOMFIX.