Ford Focus 05 make key procedure with OBDSTAR F100

This post shows Ford Focus 05 make key procedure with OBDSTAR F100.

Car model and year:

Ford Focus 05

Ford key maker to use:

  • OBDSTAR F100 key pro

The reason I use F100 key pro is that its price is reasonable, only €145 + €26.90 shipping cost to San Jose, CA, USA, and its easy to operate even you are a home make it make key via OBD without any skills to remove the eeprom. Compared with VCM, it is handheld no need bother to plug into the computer. Plus, it is made by the well-received Company OBDSTAR so its quality is no problem, also the update is accessible at their official site


Step 1: Test the original transponder key with Quickly Code Reader. Firstly insert the key into coil and select the option “Read/ Copy” (remember: do not move the key), then read the chip type is 83.



Step 2: Test a new transponder key and select again the option “Read/ Copy” to read out the chip type 4D 70, then start the car by this new key sure it’s not working.


Step 3: Format the new chip 4D 70 to 83 with Magic Wand. (Put the new key into key slot, input 83 and press “Write” button)


Step 4: Insert the new key while keeping ignition on then put Magic Wand coil close to ignition.


Step 5: Use OBDStar F100 to program new key. Enter “Operation Menu”, find “Programming Anti-theft Transponder Key”, and choose car brand and type. The screen show it’s initializing.


Step 6: Select car brand, go through “Smart Key System”, then select “Focus”→ “New Focus”→ “Type 2″→ “2014~”


Step 7: Select “Programming a New Key”, insert the new key and turn on ignition, press “Enter” to go on. Then get prompt reading it is reading pin code.


Step 8: Follow the guide to turn off ignition and turn on it again (Remember: from the beginning to now, you have to keep the new key into coil.). Get message reading “I have 4 available keys”. Press “Enter”.


Step 9: Follow the guide to program a new key; you will spend about 4 mins to get the pin code, press “Enter” to go on. Get message reading I have 5 available keys to start the car. And I use the new key to start car, it’s working

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