How to program CHIP TP33 (6E) Ford Ranger 2013 by OBDSTAR F100?

  OBDSTAR F-100 is most powerful key programmer for Ford, Mazda, Jaguar and Landrover. Support latest models of Mazda vehicles and no need pin code. [...]

(Test report)OBDSTAR F100 Program2015 Mazda S5 Key OK

This OBDSTAR F100 is fairly uncomplicated to use. All you need to do is have a copy of your key made with a transponder that will work in your vehicle. Here is [...]

OBDSTAR F100 key pro adds support Ford for all countries

(New Update) OBDSTAR F100 Ford Mazda key pro adds support Ford from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, Israel, South America besides China Ford and USA [...]

Free download OBDSTAR One Key Upgrade tool (and user guide)

Recently OBDSTAR One Key Upgrade tool is released and available to use. With it you can update all software for all OBDSTAR products by just one click. This [...]

Ford Focus 05 make key procedure with OBDSTAR F100

This post shows Ford Focus 05 make key procedure with OBDSTAR F100. Car model and year: Ford Focus 05 Ford key maker to use: OBDSTAR F100 key [...]

 Mazda CX 5 Key Programming with OBDSTAR F100

Recently, OBDSTAR has released the newest key programmer tool F100 for Mazda and Ford.Here is the instruction about how to program smart keys on Mazda [...]

OBDSTAR F100 Odometer Adjustment for Mazda CX5

OBDSTAR has now released F100 odometer adjustment tool for Mazda and Ford. Here is the instruction on how to use it to adjust the odometer for Mazda [...]
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