Free R280 Plus programmer software to read write 5M48H/1N35H

R280 Plus CAS4+ BDM Programmer Update info:

Add wiring diagram

Can read write 5M48H/1N35H on new Porsche

Add diagram for special wiring method

WIN 7 8 10 works

Free download R280 Plus programmer software:!zUgQgQwC!28XZPcz18OWYH_zEOcfscWtuvl9yI9cZKsBy0CSS61w (No pass,

works fine)

Works on R280 Plus CAS4+ BDM Programmer

Correct way to update:

Install old software firstly then the new one (you won’t open if only install this software), WIN 7 8 10 works but you must run in admin.

Pictures speak louder than words, attaché pictures to prove.

R280 programmer update-01 R280 programmer update-02 R280 programmer update-03