GODIAG GPT Boot Adapter Better than OBDSTAR P004?

GODIAG GPT Boot Adapter with resistors built in is designed for Read/ Write ECU.


To connect wires to OBDSTAR G3/ DC706, GODIAG GPT Boot Adapter is better than P004.

Customers’ voices louder than words:

1.I’ve been using the GODIAG Breakout Harness instead of p004, the P004 is just cumbersome to use. much easier this way.

I think I’m gonna get the new get adapter as it has the 120ohm built in. which the breakout harness doesn’t (I’ve made a quick jumper harness to do that part)


2.Work great. I used with MP001


3.I use them. Cheap enough on eBay $20 I keep spares and hack up the old ones for other uses.


4.I use all the time, especially on the road great tool. I wish they would have added Pin2 (Class2). Works well with PCMflash




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