Handheld Diagnostic Tool: which is better Launch vs Autel

Handheld Diagnostic Tool: which is better Launch vs Autel

Topic: What is the best handheld diagnostic tool today?

Groups 1: Autel fans

Fairly happy with the Autel Maxisys. There are some areas where it doesn’t work great, but I’ve found that Autel has been good with updates over the last while that continues to improve it’s functionality with some vehicles. For example, I had a relatively new Range Rover come in, and it didn’t scan at all – but after a couple of weeks, a new update came out, and we were able to so some diagnostics with it.

I once tested Autel ms906 on a BMW 328I. erase faults quickly no need computer. Android 4.0 boots up fast and works smoothly. Also it shows live data graph in big screen.

I use the Autel MS905and overall it’s pretty good, of course not every feature works, but that’s true for any universal tool, their support is not good though no replies to most bugs. But I’m still happy with it.

I use the Maxidas DS708 regularly. Its awesome. Even communicates with vehicles that are not even in production yet! Its very simple to use and such good value for money. I love the built in wireless, you can send a session to the printer without taking it out of the car. The support in the US is very good also.

Group 2: Launch fans
I go for launch pro

All the toys i have for me 2017 launch x431 v is the best

I would recommend launch x431 scan tool– but I also haven’t tried the other tools out there.

I use Launch x431 Android based tablet.Works very well.

Launch goes very deep with options on diagnose and resetting etc

Being a master Audi tech who has now moved to independents, i personally prefer the launch. Why? Strictly due to the bidirectional abilities; which, in essence is not a proper statement. I have used both. The Autel is fantastic for user friendliness. it was designed to diagnose each and every manufacture to the highest capabilities of, well, lets use the term “generic” diagnostics. The Launch has the ability to program in the same concepts of the factory. As in, I am able to complete long coding of “most” modules in BMW and VAG meanwhile I am stuck with quick coding and bare minimal basic adaptations with Autel.

Both are great tools, but are only as good as the user.

Group 3: Others

I use the snap-on verus its a solid tool with recent updates
I might keep my eyes out for a launch pro to try before buying the verus pro edge

I use Bosch kts 670 it is best for me

I’m using Snap on Verus Pro it solid machine however not perfect as all other.

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