How to add a smart key to Hyundai i20 Elite

Purpose: For auto locksmiths and security professionals using Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool to program a smart key to Hyundai i20 Elite.

Here are detailed steps as below.

Step 1: Generate remote with VVDI Mini Key Tool

Put the car key into the detection coil


Select Vehicle Remote> Hyundai> Elite I20 c700 id46 433 > Generate

vvdi-mini-key-tool-program-a-key-2 vvdi-mini-key-tool-program-a-key-3 vvdi-mini-key-tool-program-a-key-4

Step 2: Program smart key with X100 pad 2

Connect X100 pad 2 with vehicle


Select: Hyundai> Security/Authorization code> 47 Authorization code (smart card)

vvdi-mini-key-tool-program-a-key-6 vvdi-mini-key-tool-program-a-key-7

Switch ignition off, Press ok- Write Security code to remember

vvdi-mini-key-tool-program-a-key-8 vvdi-mini-key-tool-program-a-key-9

Go back to Hyundai option and select: Program IMMOBILISER/ remote> smart key system> China > Type 5(without car slot)

vvdi-mini-key-tool-program-a-key-10 vvdi-mini-key-tool-program-a-key-11

Program smart keys> turn off ignition switch, Press ok> Input security code

vvdi-mini-key-tool-program-a-key-12 vvdi-mini-key-tool-program-a-key-13

Put the original key close to the start button


Program successfully. Press YES to program next key


Put smart key vertically close to the start button


Program smart key successfully


Test remote control and boot car successfully


Job’s done!