How to copy Toyota G chip by TJECU CN900mini + YS31 CN5 chip

This post is about how to copy Toyota G chip by TJECU CN900mini and YS31 CN5 chip.

A hot topic among locksmiths focuses on which car key clone machine is the best choice to copy Toyota G chip. Fortunately, TJECU CN900mini is the chosen one, working with one additional YS31 CN5 chip and deduct one token they can copy Toyota G Chip, it has identify functions for Toyota “G” chip key (year: 2010) (Chip: 4D-72)

About TJECU CN900mini token deduction:

To copy one Toyota G chip TJECU CN900mini will deduct one token. There is 12 tokens as default, After use up, please provide the customer service with the serial number and the machine prompt code, then you will gain 12 tokens for free, for the second time, the tokens will be charged.

Here TJECU CN900mini, price only £147 not incl. delivery fee, with free update online


Here YS31 CN5 chip, price only £26.88 for 5 pieces, incl. delivery fee