How to Quickly Correct or Adjust Automotive Mileage with XTOOL X100 PAD3

This tech article will share the practical experience of using XTOOL X100 Pad3 to correct or adjust the mileage of Ford cars. The frequently-asked questions (FAQs) of the users who bought the products from the Cardiagtool UK E-shop will be listed as the supplement part for reference.


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Detailed Operation Instructions:

Let’s first have a look at the current mileage of my Ford car:



It’s 68,679 miles now.

Click “Diagnosis” on the desktop menu>>Click “Odometer adjustment”>>Click “Agree” to confirm the disclaimer

xtool-x100pad3-ford-vehicle-mileage-correction-adjustment-2 xtool-x100pad3-ford-vehicle-mileage-correction-adjustment-3 xtool-x100pad3-ford-vehicle-mileage-correction-adjustment-4


Then, it’s time for us to choose the car models. Here, the car model is Ford Focus 2013.

xtool-x100pad3-ford-vehicle-mileage-correction-adjustment-5 xtool-x100pad3-ford-vehicle-mileage-correction-adjustment-6 xtool-x100pad3-ford-vehicle-mileage-correction-adjustment-7


Then Click the button “Mileage adjustment”. The screen will prompt the message as shown below:

xtool-x100pad3-ford-vehicle-mileage-correction-adjustment-8 xtool-x100pad3-ford-vehicle-mileage-correction-adjustment-9


Just press “Yes” to continue. The screen will show you “Please input the mileage of adjustment”. Just type in the mileage number you want to correct in the box below.



Here, let’s adjust it to 90,000 km. Wait a few seconds and the device will complete the mileage adjustment. At the same time, the mileage system of the car will restart and show the updated mileage on its screen.

xtool-x100pad3-ford-vehicle-mileage-correction-adjustment-11 xtool-x100pad3-ford-vehicle-mileage-correction-adjustment-12 xtool-x100pad3-ford-vehicle-mileage-correction-adjustment-13


We can see the car screen displays 055923 mls. (1km=0.62137mile). That means we have completed today’s task successfully with X100 PAD3.



This is not being the ending, FAQs collected in recent days is to be added…

This will help us know more about the practical needs or problems that customers care mostly about.


Q1: Will X100 Pad3 program a 2013 Kia Soul Base model with a flip key fob?

A1: Yes, it will work for this car on keys.


Q2: Would Pad3 be able to read BMW codes on a BMW e65/e66 7 series or just read generic OBD codes?

A2: We are not sure about BMW codes, this tool will support engine and some other system’s diagnosis for BWM car brand.


Q3: Is it possible to use Pad3 to program new keys for a 2010 Camry vehicle?

A3: Yes, it will do your 2010 Camry on key programming and add keys.


Q4: May I ask if this X100 Pad3 support blanking or erasing the information of the normal and wireless keys of the Toyotas?

A4: It will work for major car models before 2017 year of Toyota by adding keys orr even all keys lost. And you can provide the specific car models and we will check for you if we tested before.


Q5: Can Pad3 support correcting odometer for American cars, European cars and Asian cars?

A5: For partial car models of these areas car makes, it can support. But for new car models released in recent years, it may not support. You can check the PDF file of the official website below to confirm:


Q6: Is it possible to use PAD3 to do mileage correction or adjustment and program keys for Honda (crv, accord)?

A6: No, all of our xtool products won’t work for Honda car brand to do odometer correction or key programming.


Q7: 2004 BWM 6 Series (E46) all keys lost with CAS2 security. Will PAD3 support programming a key for it?

A7: Yes, it will do key programming on your BWM for all key lost.


Q8: I want to ask you a question. For the KC100, it needs a registration with its serial number or not?

A8: Yes, it is with the serial number, and need to bundle with x100 pad 3.


Q9: I am interested in buying Xtool diagnostic scanners, want to know what is the best diagnostics of Xtool currently? Function require: key coding, coding, special functions, ….
which diagnostic device is the best and which one includes it all?

A9: You can choose X100 Pad3, the current most powerful key programmer. It will totally be worth your money and have all the special function you need for diagnosing your car.

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