How to Solve XTOOL PS90 Pro Tablet “App Icons Display Error”

UK car repair shops have always been one of the dominant supported customers of our shopping website- They give high praise for our car OBD2 products of diversified brands that are currently on sale. A few days ago, one new starter in their shops gave us feedback that Xtool PS90 Pro diagnostic tool has sort of problem that they don’t know how to solve. Please read on to learn more about it.


Display error frequently faced by new users:

“I received the Xtool PS90 pro order yesterday. I want to know why the APP icons are not normally displayed in the Services Menu, look at the first photo below:



It just doesn’t have all the apps as advertised by the sellers. Look at the second photo.



It should have the apps of Tyre pressure reset, Air Suspension and Headlight in the Services Menu. But it turned out it doesn’t. How did it happen?”


Problems of this kind could bother the users a lot. Let’s share how to deal with it.


Solution provided by technical support of

This problem occurred because the customer did not upgrade the device according to the standard procedure. Give us the serial number of the device, we will ask our technicians to upgrade for you. Then, you only need to follow the instructions below to complete the updating of your tool.

Connect PS90 to Internet>>Click “Update” on the left of the toolbar>>Open the PS90 application>> Select the latest updates and confirm to update

xtool-ps90-pro-app-icons-display-error-solution-3 xtool-ps90-pro-app-icons-display-error-solution-4


After completing all the updates, the above problem will be solved.

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