How to Use GODIAG GT108 OBDI-OBDII Universal Adapter?

GODIAG GT108 Adapter is designed for OBDI-OBDII conversion on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc.




1)OBD2 female interface

2)Indicator light group

3)GND5 switch

4)IGN switch

5)DC power interface

6)1.2.3.GND4.GND5.6CAN-H.7K-Line. 15. BAT+.O-IGN interface


2.How to Use?

  1. Find the definition of the diagnostic interface (find the maintenance manual of your own vehicle, or search online.), or see the definition diagram of the corresponding diagnostic interface of the GT108 Manual
  2. According to the interface definition, find out the connection line needed by your car, and connect to the GT108 Adapter according to the definition. (Use a screwdriver to lock the terminal)
  3. Connect the connected diagnostic cable to the vehicle OBD1 diagnostic interface according to the definition. (Connect GND 4 or GND5 first, and then connect BAT+. If the power cable is connected correctly, the POW light of the GT108 host will light up. If the vehicle diagnostic interface does not have power, please connect the car battery to the DC power connector of GT108 with the battery cable. If the vehicle needs the ignition signal, connect the O-IGN line, and press the IGN switch, the corresponding IGN light will light up, and the O-IGN line will output the ignition power signal)
  4. Connect the communication line CAN or K-line to the diagnostic interface. (Note: If it is the truck diagnostic software added by the car diagnostic equipment, you need to buy a GT106 24V to 12V adapter)
  5. Connect the diagnostic device to start diagnosing the vehicle


Simple Guide:


(Click to check complete OBDI Port Diagrams)


3.How to Connect?

1)Connect cars


2)Connect Trucks


3)Connect Trucks with GT106


4)Connect Motorcycles


5)Connect Method of Mine Vehicles, Tractors, Boats, and Generators


6)Connect ECU


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