How to Use Remote Desktop on Autel KM100 Programmer?

One customer gave feedback about Autel KM100 remote desktop:

Having issues with remote desktop not working on km100 now? I believe it has an older unsupported version of remote desktop but can’t figure a way to force that APK to update with no native access to play store. All system update are on newest possible.

System V01.12.00

App V1.43


Here is the Solution:

Needs manual QS APK update:

1.) Download from verified source:

2.) Transfer via USB from the PC to the KM100 Key Programmer.

3.) Go to Settings -> System Settings -> More -> Storage -> Files

4.) Browse for the APK file, tap on it, allow all the miscalaneous warnings, confirm You want to update the built-in app a here we go again!


*If PC won’t recognize KM100,

Do not use the USB-C on both ends. Use the cable with USB-C on one end to connect to the KM-100 and with USB-A on the other end to connect to the computer.


Done! Hope this could help!