JLR SDD software setup on Macbook with VMWare Win XP/Win 7


JLR SDD software system requirements… Here you go..

First, let me be clear that I am using

jaguar land rover diagnostic equipment: old JLR Mangoose, now VCM2 clone

jlr sdd software download: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/

and a Macbook with a VMWare Windows XP SP3 partition.

If you are using a different setup, you may need to do more research to fine tune it.

  1. Antivirus: Do NOT uninstall from the parent machine. Only the VM.

2.Firewall: Keep Security Essentials turned off. It’s on both Win7 and XP

  1. When you say turn off networking, – There should be a setting on your VM to turn networking sharing from the parent machine to the VM off. This prevents the VM from getting to the internet.
  2. If you infer that there should be no sharing at all, maybe you are talking of two OS installed on a partitioned disk, so not what is the Microsoft Win XP VM with Windows 7. I’m talking about directory sharing. If you can see any of the directories of the parent machine from the VM, you need to turn that off. I’m not implying that there is anything in the software that might do harm, I’m just being extra cautious in sandboxing an unknown software package. I’ve had zero indication that there is anything malicious in the SDS/IDS cloned software. But better safe than sorry.
  3. As an alternative to the VM, you can indeed install two OS on the same machine if you partition your disk or if you have two physical disks, e.g. Win 7 64 on the C drive and, on a second drive dedicated to SDD, a fresh install of Win XP Pro SP3 complemented by the SDD programme and data. From what I read, this is a more challenging installation to ensure that both OS work successfully without loosing in particular the boot.ini of Win XP. Is this what you did?
    No, but that works.
  4. My intention was, and still is to dedicate the laptop to SDD, but keeping Windows 7 installed for possible future other use, also because Win XP will soon not be maintained by Microsoft. With 128 GB I have ample space on my disc for both Win 7 and Win XP, and SDD and the calibration files. And as far as I use it for SDD the laptop will not be connected to the outside world or to store personal files.
    That’s the best solution if you have a dedicated laptop you can use.